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This is a research project motivated from general interest in the horror genre and audience research. In order to analyse the findings of horror pleasure, I’d like you to fill out this survey.If you could do this for me, I would greatly appreciate it. You can send them back to me by either commenting on this post, tweeting me a file of your answers to @CinephileSam91 or to my email address – samueljames908@yahoo.com. Thank you!


  • Gender

o   Female

o   Male


  • Age

o   14-19

o   20-29

o   30-40

o   41-49

o   50+


  • Do you enjoy watching horror films?

o   Yes

o   No


  • If ‘yes’, what is it that you like the most about them?

o   Becoming scared

o   General entertainment

o   Plot twist

o   The tension

o   Other


  • Would you consider horror to be a popular genre of cinema?

o   Yes

o   No


  • How often would you say you watch them?

o   Regularly

o   Occasional

o   Rarely

o   Never


  • What time of day would you normally choose to watch a horror film?

o   Early morning hours (3.30am – 6.30am)

o   Morning (7am – 11am)

o   Afternoon (12pm – 4pm)

o   Evening (5pm – 7pm)

o   Night (8pm – 3am)


  • Where would you normally choose to watch a horror film?

o   At the cinema

o   At home


  • Who would you prefer to watch them with?

o   Alone

o   Friends

o   Partner


  • What would specifically encourage you to watch a horror film?

o   Poster

o   Review

o   Trailer

o   Word-of-mouth

o   Other


  • Which of these do you think stands out as the thematic colour of horror?

o   Black

o   Blue

o   Red

o   White

o   Other


  • What do you look out for in horror films? (Choose your top two options)

o   Darkness

o   Eerie silence

o   Good storyline

o   Intertextual references

o   Surreal music

o   Suspense

o   Violence

o   Other


  • Which do you feel is the most important element in a horror film?

o   Acting

o   Costumes/props

o   Plot

o   Setting

o   Visual effects


  • What do you mainly expect to see from a horror film?

o   Graphic violence

o   Jumps and screams

o   Psychological terror

o   Unique characters


  • Do you favour horror film adaptations or original horrors?

o   Adaptation

o   Original


  • Favourite sub-genre of horror?

o   Comedy (e.g. Shaun Of The Dead)

o   Gothic (e.g. Dracula)

o   Psychological (e.g. The Shining)

o   Religion (e.g. The Exorcist)

o   Science-fiction (e.g. Alien)

o   Slasher (e.g. Scream)

o   Supernatural (e.g. Paranormal Activity)

o   Zombie (Dawn Of The Dead)


  • What plot structure in horror films appeals to you the most?

o   Collapse of social formations (families and friends)

o   Earth invasion

o   End of civilization

o   Fear of the unknown

o   Psychopathic murderer(s)


  • How do you feel about horror remakes, sequels and franchises?

o   Like them

o   Dislike them

o   Doesn’t matter


  • Do you believe that they deliver at least similar elements of fright and terror as the first original film?

o   Yes

o   No

  • Do you feel there is a stereotypical representation of women in horror films compared to men? If yes, how so?

o   Yes

o   No


  • How do you feel men are traditionally represented in horror films?

o   The monster

o   The hero

o   Other


  • How do you like a horror film to end?

o   Hero victory

o   Villain victory

o   Cliffhanger

o   Plot twist

o   Ambiguous (open ending )


  • Do you believe a horror film’s villain overshadows the hero?

o   Yes

o   No


  • Which horror character types are the scariest?

o   Ghosts

o   Humans

o   Vampires

o   Zombies

o   Other


  • Favourite horror villain?

o   Count Dracula

o   Dr. Hannibal Lecter (The Silence Of The Lambs)

o   Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare On Elm Street)

o   Ghost Face (Scream)

o   Jack Torrance (The Shining)

o   Jigsaw (Saw)

o   Leatherface (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

o   Michael Myers (Halloween)

o   Norman Bates (Psycho)

o   Regan MacNeil (The Exorcist)

o   Other


  • Favourite horror film?

o   A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984)

o   Dawn Of The Dead (1978)

o   Halloween (1979)

o   Psycho (1960)

o   Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

o   Saw (2004)

o   The Exorcist (1973)

o   The Shining (1980)

o   The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

o   The Thing (1982)

o   Other


  • Before you watch a horror film, do you usually expect to be frightened?

o   Yes

o   No


  • During a scene, what raises your anxiety?

o   Anticipation (something you at least think is about to happen)

o   Exposure (something that is revealed on the screen)


  • What is your biggest fear?

o   Clowns

o   Confined spaces

o   Death

o   Heights

o   Needles

o   Snakes

o   Spiders

o   Vermin

o   Other


  • How does watching that fear on the screen make you feel?

o   More scared

o   Emotionally closer to that fear

o   Physically closer to that fear

o   Safer from it

o   Other


  • Which of these sound types contributes the most to creating a scary atmosphere?

o   Long silences

o   Low-pitch noises

o   Sharp high-pitch noises


  • What do you think is the biggest psychological effect after watching a horror film?

o   Desensitization

o   Fear & triggering

o   Sleeplessness

o   Other


  • How do you feel about child stars and characters in horror films?

o   Abuses innocence

o   Enhances further terror

o   Doesn’t bother me

o   Other 


  • Name at least two children’s films that you would consider scary.



  • What aspect of answered film in Q34 is the scariest?

o   Plot

o   Characters

o   Acting

o   Costumes & make-up

o   Setting

o   Other


  • Do you believe horror films illustrate anything that you consider inappropriate? If ‘yes’, what would that be?

o   Yes

o   No


  • Do you think horror films become more enjoyable during Halloween?

o   Yes

o   No


  • Name at least two horror films (including family ones) you expect to discuss or watch on Halloween.


  • Overall, would you call horror as a genre of entertainment?

o   Yes

o   No